Services Offered

1.  Design, set up and maintain wine cellars.
With a professional team we will create for you the most desirable and unique wine cellar which can hold from a couple hundred bottles to the ultimate cellars counting thousands of bottles. We design the cellar towards your needs and expectations. Hans will also keep your cellar up to date with great wine offers, introduction to new style wines, region wines to discover and the must have wines for your cellar. Apart from the design, Hans will offer you quality and the best wine accessories on the market. We will work towards your given budget to bring you a long lasting experience and pleasure.   

2. The wine investment fund.
The fund is to help anyone that wants to invest in wines, from small start up budget to larger investments. Investing in wines has become one of the most lucrative, businesses. As the spectrum of the top wines is growing bigger you need to make sure that the knowledge comes from the right source and that, that source knows where to purchase your wines for investment. Knowledge in this industry is key. With over 8 years of thorough craft and dedication in the industry and the degree Hans holds together with the added advantage of the inside knowledge he possesses, He can judge pretty accurately where to invest.  

 3. Private wine classes.
As Hans has his degree as a wine maker, consultant. He is and ideal candidate to lecture privately or in a group all the elements regarding wine. Several types of classes can be booked, from the simple structure of wine, to particular wine regions around the world, to the in-depth understanding of wine.

4. Wine tasting.
Group wine tasting can be booked/organised at your home or a friend's home. From all aspects of wine; rose, white, red and sparkling, pairing wine with food events can be organised as well.

5. Private sommelier.
Hans can be contacted to perform the duties as a sommelier if you are organising a private dinner with friends or business related as he does come highly recommended in the industry and exceeds expectations.

6. Lecturing for brands.
If you are looking for a lecturer, Hans has been and still is brand ambassador for a highly reputable Champagne house. He has also represented several wine houses to introduce their product to the public. His approach as to how he introduce the product has been highly appraised by both clients and guests.    

7. Purchasing of wines.
If you need help to fill your wine fridge or cellar, or are organizing an event, Hans has many great contacts around London and Europe where he is able to get for his clients very attractive prices.

Each and every domain has various pricing, please feel free to contact Mr HansVandeputte to talk about your specification and needs.