Thursday, 4 August 2011

A vineyard to discover

As summer is in full swing and most of us have burned our rubber wheels to a place of rest, if it is for the beach, country side, mountains, or even more and more the wine valleys of the world.

Many Chateaux's, Clos, Domain's open their doors, construct small hotels, spa therapies all to indulge the guest with another form of holidays.

The new world like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa are already well ahead with the term Oenotourism.

It is also for many a new sort of direction to expose and window their wines. So inevitably the old world and especially the big Bordeaux houses have now gulp a piece of this trend.

Chateau Pape Clement
Chateau Lynch-Bages
Les Sources Caudalie (this is for the pure class spa therapy fanatics)

Just to give you a few but has all the directions to please your taste and budget.

Of course Provence is expanding, Loire, Languedoc-Roussillon, Champagne even Burgundy has started to open its doors but still for most a very close circuit. ahh oui les Bourguignons not easy to charm and win(e) over.

Beside all that there is a wine you may not have heard of but is truly amazing and thrilled to be discovered.

Chateau Lagrezette Cahors South West France.

One of the oldest vineyards around over 500 years old, this Chateau was taking back in hand in the '80 by Alain Dominic Perrin head of the Richmond group for some time and also the man that brought Cartier to its global luxury status it is today.
A huge passion for wine and when this amazing property was for the taking he did not waste a whisper.
Re-worked it with the best there are on the market, over looked by Michel Rolland and praised by Robert Parker.

His Cuvee's are as followed
He has "Chateau Lagrezette", his entry level wine one would say, but it has character, is very masculine and will not pass in silence. Its like a stallion with wings, a passion with an orchestra. A good approach in fruits and a density and texture, screaming for meat. Very well priced and definitely a good example of how the root, the birthplace of Malbec (cot its original name) shows its true meaning.

Than there is cuvee "Dame D'Honneur", even so she is presented like a lady with an amazing dark purple dress, she has strength like a plow horse but with Louboutin shoes. She express scent all man have to take a seat, as a slap of fruit and oak with spice has just hit you right in he face. She is adventures and imposing, she is a lady to whom you hardly will be able to say no. She will assist you through your meal, making sure your night will be one never to forget.

But than he has made "Le Pigeonnier".

Here there is a pause, as even the strongest of man suddenly feels weak and overpowered, as this wine is such a bundle of concentration that you have no idea what just has hit you. It has already past and gone, run around the domain talk to the grapes and back before you could address a simple thought. This wine will even make the grumpiest of man smile even weep.
Yes, my advice is let it breath even decant it for a good 4 hours, this is a wine that will ask your attention, stare you in the eye before knocking yourself out.

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Till next time, drink reasonably and responsibly.